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In 2003 we opened our recycling centre, allowing us to segregate and recycle waste materials more efficiently. With various extensions and upgrades to the Recycling Centre, we have increased the material types that we are able to recycle, along with the quantities and quality of the material, meaning that the segregated waste can be reissued into the industry.

We have further recycling facilities and depots for the majority of waste materials that enter our transfer station, and we aim to recycle 85-90% of waste on a quarterly basis, reported on our EA waste returns.

Our recycling centre processes on average 500 cubic yards of waste a day, which is treated and segregated along a large conveyor belt. Over sized waste streams are pre sorted by our modern waste handling plant, then the rest is inserted into the start of the conveyor belt, being processed by a vibrating drum, magnet and heavy duty blower, with a team of recycling staff collecting and removing materials that do not get captured by the mechanical sources.

Each waste material has a designated bay where it is stored and then transported to the relevant outlet facility. Waste streams are carefully sorted and graded to create a product fit for reuse and sale, reducing landfill impact.


Our Transfer Station opened in 2003, allowing us to manage waste more efficiently.

Hazardous Waste

Enforced laws insist close monitoring is followed for the disposal of hazardous or contaminated waste. We provide 45 gallon enclosed drums for safe disposal of paint tins, mastic tubes and aerosol cans.