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Premier Waste Services (UK) Limited, an industry leader, recognises that our day to day activities achieve a positive effect on the environment. In order to prevent further pollution, minimise the amount of waste submitted to landfill, and to generate waste materials back into various industries as products, Premier Waste Services are committed to increasing and improving the machinery and recycling plant, along with education of staff and customers to ensure targets are reached to full capacity.
Premier Waste Services aim to research, educate and comply with all current and forthcoming environmental legislations, sourcing new and more diverse outlets for the various waste streams that are produced within the recycling centre.

Our well educated recycling centre staff, machine operators and management endeavour to extract the materials of all types, such as: Soils, Aggregates, Metal, Wood, Plaster board, Plastic, Paper and Cardboard and Pallets.
Premier Waste Services also advises that where possible, on-site segregation is to be practiced, this will be rewarding to both the customer and our selves, and ‘tool box talks’ are offered by our members of staff to help guide and educate sites, to improve their understanding and efficiency of waste removal.

Premier Waste also endeavours to minimise the environmental impact of its operations and to reduce the effects of noise, dust, disturbance and inconvenience. We aim to implement a continual improvement process by assessing and monitoring its environmental performance against specific objectives and targets relevant to its business activities.