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In the UK key construction industries have a major impact on waste production, more than 70 million tons of waste per year are produced. This amounts to more than three times that produced by all the country’s households put together. The new E.U. landfill directive will make problems worse and much more expensive, unless immediate action is taken. Environment agency chairman Sir John Harman challenged the construction industries to clean up their act. New research reveals that many companies are ignorant of their environmental responsibilities

The government is committed to reducing the amount of waste that goes to landfill with tax scheduled to increase on a rising escalator, which will put further financial pressure on those industries producing high levels of waste.

75% of all construction waste is recyclable. Recycling can be achieved by on site segregation that can be introduced on new/ongoing construction sites by way of induction courses. Educating your employees can reduce your waste costs considerably as well as looking after the environment. We are all well aware of the cost both commercially and environmentally Now is a good time to meet the challenge of waste minimisation. The opportunity to develop and implement a more efficient and resourceful managed site has never been better. We all have a part to play in moving towards a sustainable waste management system substantially minimising the amount of construction waste going to landfill.

Case Study

On two major construction sites in the North West a pilot exercise was carried out to manage waste disposal through segregation. On both sites separate skips were provided for paper and cardboard; scrap metal; wood; inert and general waste. Savings of 12% and 30% respectively were realised on normal waste removal rates.

Although it is acknowledged that many sites could not accommodate this due to space restrictions it does demonstrate how simple initiatives such as this can save significant sums of money

Premier Waste Sales Manager, Steve Fawcett, receives the HBGreen award

Enjoying the success of recycling

Did you know

Below is the Taylor Woodrow’s site at the Tesco new build, Wigan, Greater Manchester.

This is an excellent example of a segregated site, clearly labelled and well managed.

Premier Waste have already instituted segregation on behalf of its customers and will soon be building their new tranfer station.

This will benefit both the users and the environment with financial benefits to both parties.

Example Site